A few years ago we built a new rudder for the Half-Tonner Checkmate as part of the massive refit were doing to the boat anyway.   That boat proceeded to demolish the entire Half-Ton fleet and we've since made five more for Harmony, Trastada, Quokka, Silver Shamrock and Crackajax.   Some of them are simply new blades over the original stock, others have new stocks as well, some even new tubes.   We can also supply all the bearings, tiller and associated parts if so required.

Blades are computer carved in foam, stocks are either carbon, HE30 alloy or 17-4 stainless depending on existing tube diameter and/or budget.   Skins are vacuumed carbon/epoxy postcured and finished in polished Durepox.

Send us your existing rudder and we will start from there.

We are also agents for the Swedish built pre-preg carbon blades, see below.  These are female moulded, hollow and totally stunning.   We then fit the bearing shells and finish the top of the stock to suit your boat.  Two adjustable length moulds mean just about any size can be made for boats up to about 36ft.   See Quarter-Tonners Alice and Belinda, plus all Corby 33s and some 29s and 36s.


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