Inspection, measurements and written report, from a racing point of view, with recommendations to improve performance from the top of the mast down to the bottom of the keel, including IRC cert check & advice.   NB this isn't a normal structural survey.

Designwork associated with changing or modifying keels and sailplans, moving engines, fairing hulls, changing deck & cockpit shapes etc.

CAD drawings supplied in format of choice.

Purchase & supply of keels, masts, custom metalwork, Harken, Spinlock, Lewmar, Selden, Z-Spars etc.


Menace Quarter Ton

Bolero Quarter Ton

Manzanita Quarter Ton

Belinda Quarter Ton

Catch 27ft

Quokka 9 Half Ton

Superhero Half Ton

Farther Bruin Half Ton

Carter 30

Rollerskate 3/4 Ton

Hops 37ft

Hero One Ton

Capricorno 50ft


Stewart 22 Widget


Figaro 2

Rocket 31

Ker 32

Dubois 33 Victric

HOD 35 x 2

Mumm 36

Jeanneau Selection 37

Holding Pattern 37ft

R-P ID48 Sjambok


Aeolus 30sqm

Lake Windermere 17

Erida, 'Windfall' 32

Morning After S & S 34

Sunmaid V  S & S 37

Vanda   Mylne from 1934

Crusader 12 Meter

Stormy Weather S & S yawl

Typically:  IOR boats;  older and newer IRC boats by other designers; production boats;  classic boats; cruising boats.

See the Refit page for projects where we've done the actual boatbuilding work too.


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