R-P 57 Scho-Ka-Kola:  we widened the transom by half a meter each side with solid foam.

Ker 40 Signal 8:  recent update to underwater shape by replacing much of it with a new piece, and making it longer.

Corby 50 Flirt, now 49 Vamp:  after a disapointing first season we added foam to the ends to reduce rocker and shortened the stern.

Corby 38 Gloves Off:  to smooth the aft shape we reduced volume under the cockpit by cutting and shutting, and added volume to the transom with solid foam.

The RORC Rating Office are guilty of some random behaviour, bordering on the disgraceful, over the years. None worse than their response to the success of Corby designs in the 90s when they imposed rating increases of between 18 and 28 points to three Corby's which they decided were too narrow.  We responded by increasing Bmax with solid foam to the three boats in 1998.

Over the years these boats have all been returned to their original proper shapes.


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