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Since launching Tom Hill's Quarter-Ton rebuild Belinda earlier in the year, our projects have included:

New rudder around the old stock for the Half-Tonner Quokka.  The 4th copy of the Checkmate design we made 4 years ago which has proved popular.

Assisting with the rebuild of the previous Ino, the orange 36 which sank after a ramming two years ago.  This isn't our project but we have been very involved in the designwork, boatbuilding and spraying.   In addition to repairing the damage, the bow has been extended to become upright and the stern now has a scoop.  Owned by Lance Adams & Piers Tyler and rechristenned Oui, the team scored a Cowes Week win shortly after launching.

Minor mods to Daring Class Darling.  Not the Corby Daring but another one belonging to a mate.

Complete new engine installation to Crackln' Rosie.  This job has required redesigning and replacing the middle of the main cabin and companionway steps.

Total cosmetic refurb, again, of the Corby Daring Doublet.  We did a masive job on this boat 2 years ago but there were enough scratches and fittings moved to warrant doing it again.  We won the class in both Classic Week and Cowes Week.

New rudder, design only, for the 25 Kit Off, made by John West in Lymington, which dramatically improved the boat, now 17 years old.   Uber successful in Lymington this year as well as class winner at Tattinger.

New chainplates, design only, for Jeanneau Selection 37 on East Coast, swept back and onto the sheerline.

Minor fin shape tweak to Quarter-Tonner Alice

New rudder for Half-Tonner Silver Shamrock to replace original which broke.

Hull shape mod to Ker 40 Signal 8 as well as remoulding around jib tracks and mast collar.  In conjunction with Ker Design office.

Project news August 2017